Morton Illinois Attractions That You Should Visit While You Are There

Morton Illinois Attractions That You Should Visit While You Are There

If your vacation will take you into Peoria, a city in central Illinois, you might want to take a detour to a little village called Morton. If you did not know that this was one of the most well-known places in the world in regard to pumpkins, you might not even stop by on your way to a different city. It is the home of one of the largest pumpkin canning factories, a business that distributes the majority of canned pumpkin that is consumed worldwide. This claim to fame is also bolstered by its famous Pumpkin Festival, one of the main attractions that people attend while they are there. However, if you will not be visiting Morton during the second week of September, you might want to consider looking at some of the other attractions. There are quite a few that you can see that will be entertaining for not only yourself, but the people you are with while you are visiting.

Must See Morton Illinois Attractions

There are several destinations that you should visit while you are in this village. First of all, there is Farmdale Reservoir. From there, you should head over to one of the many parks that people in Morton visit throughout the year. If you happen to be traveling there during the spring or summer months, you can do a little fishing in a pond. Located at Birchwood Park, you can take your fishing pole and fish for a few hours, something that you may not have done for many years. Other parks including Northwood Park are great places to do birding. There will be picnic tables, playgrounds, and wonderful places to walk around in this unique area of Illinois.

The Most Popular Attraction Of All

Although this has already been mentioned, it should be emphasized that the best attraction in Morton is the Pumpkin Festival. To imagine that you will be in the midst of thousands of people that have come to this location, all focused on the wonderful pumpkins that are produced in this community, this should be reason enough to visit. It is a large festival, one that will provide endless entertainment. There are thousands of volunteers that help to set up everything, from beginning to end. If you would like to find out why so many people travel to this particular pumpkin festival, you should book your trip for the second week of September.

People that have been to this festival before are always impressed with what they see. However, that does not mean that Morton has nothing else to offer. There are parks, waterways, hiking trails, and a movie theater where you can see the latest releases. Although it is much smaller than Peoria, you will have an easy time finding excellent attractions that you can attend whenever you visit this community.